Ceiling fans

A perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality Chenab Ceiling fans come in various stylish designs, vibrant colours and innovative technology, to perfectly complement both your lifestyle and interior décor.

Pedestal fans

Choose exactly how and where you want that fresh breeze of air, be it your verandah or inside your home. Chenab pedestal fans are equipped with height adjustment and easy tilting mechanism, to give comfort at all levels and spaces.

Bracket fans

Have limited space for a regular fan? Choose from our wide range of compact, powerful, feature packed, and light weight Chenab Wall Fans. Engineered for effective cooling, wall fans are ideal for small apartments, office spaces and shops.

Exhaust fans

Looking for the right Exhaust fan to throw out stale air? Look no further, Chenab Exhaust fans with automatic shutter and rust-proof body are ideal for your kitchens and bathrooms.